I was introduced to the world of Fitness, in 1989, at the age of 16 while growing up in Israel. I wanted to be ready to serve and perform at an elite level when I would be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at age 18. Fitness conditioning became a crucial part of my life.

I volunteered for the Israeli paratroopers and joined one of its elite units. After passing Special Forces Basic training and Squad Commander courses, I was privileged to be requested for IDF's Jump-Master course. Serving as a Jump-Master was an exceptional experience! I was fortunate to teach and train both recruits and experienced service men and women. I commanded and instructed successive units and regiments, both from Israel and abroad such as, Brigadier General K. Kellogg and his fine men of the Special Forces Command Europe. It was there at the jump-school, that I found my true calling for instruction and professionalism.

While at Jump-school, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and was offered additional courses. I chose Combat Fitness Training and the Master Trainer Course, at the Wingate Institute. There I learned how to conduct training and functional application of fitness for the combat soldier. At a later time I supplemented the Combat Fitness Instructor Certification with the Gym Instructor Course at the IDF Wingate Institute. In addition to my 3 year tour with the IDF I served 7 years in the reserves in a Path Finders unit.

It was a natural transition for me once a civilian to become a Fitness Instructor at both Future Wave (the leading fitness center in the Middle East at the time) and the Tel Aviv University where I instructed a special population clinic and started Personal Training. From there, I moved on to manage Visa's Corporate Fitness Center and worked at one of Tel Aviv's premiere Dive clubs before I decided to open my own fitness center and studio, Body Design. Alongside my career in physical fitness, I developed my skills in cycling and began racing. In addition to cycling I continued my quest of advanced Diving certificates. On the way to obtaining the Dive Master certification, I certified in Padi's Medic First Aid and Rescue Diver courses. These certificates enabled me to organize and take groups out on dives along Israel's Mediterranean and Red seas.

I returned to the USA in 2001, and for a short while I contracted for the U.S. State Department as an Interpreter for ATAP (Anti Terrorism Assistance Program). Afterward I attained the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer certification and Red Crosses CPR certification.

Personal training is what I love to do. It is my passion to help people improve, or change their lives in positive ways. It is my responsibility as a Personal Trainer to provide exceptional training by designing a unique fitness programs for every client based on their individual needs and goals regarding their body and self esteem. I hold back no secrets from my clients, ensuring they reach their fitness goals as quickly and effectively as possible. I am committed to staying well educated and updated on the latest developments and state of the art technology in the health and fitness industry, enabling me to provide safe and innovative workouts for my clients, while providing the finest personal training services available. Now its up to YOU.